December 9, 2017 (Feast of Saint Juan Diego)

The Instrument: The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of our Mother is accompanied by Saint Diego. Our Lady says:

Dear children, I desire that you pray. I invite you to a life of prayer, of deep prayer, of unceasing prayer, of humble prayer. Little ones, humble prayer is the prayer that God hears. Humble prayer is the prayer that pleases my Son. Humble prayer does not impose to God what he must and when to do it. Humble prayer only surrenders all to the Divine Providence and trusts that, in due time, God will act. The meek trust. The meek obeys. The meek works, prays, and remains silent. The meek recognizes the hidden treasure of silence. The meek loves silence, because he knows that while being in silence, he can listen. 

I invite you to imitate the example of my servant Juan Diego, who in his simplicity, strived to obey me and meet the desires of God. Ask for his intercession; follow his example, be docile to hearing, and to the practice of the Word and of my Calls.

Little ones, many of my children are losing their way, they are getting lost by following the prophets, who do not come from God. It’s true that there are many prophets, but the prophets from Heaven are very few, and they can be counted with the fingers. But still, they have not understood yet that “this” is the epilogue, the collection, the summary, and the review of the authentic Messages of God. And if you do not understand, what are you waiting for? Be willing to pray so you can comprehend what I am teaching you.
And to you, my little messenger, in addition to the Grace of the Incarnation of our Two Hearts into yours, the three thorns from My Son’s Crown will accompany you mystically, and so, with that pain, you will also receive many graces.

I invite you to have peace in the heart, and now, do not mix so much noise in your interior, because that pushes you away from my Son. I give you my Maternal Blessing; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

December 8, 2017

Apostles of My Sacred Heart, I wish that you listen to my Call, not that you hear it, like you hear a noise, but that you listen, and pay attention. Because the souls, no matter how much they hear, do not listen; no matter how much they see, do not understand; no matter how much I speak to them, do not obey.

My Call to the world is being given now. Already you are being given the opportunity for salvation and time of conversion, but you neither take advantage of the Graces nor the Teachings. Because the Graces, which I give to you, you do not take advantage of them; and because the Teachings that I give to you, you forget them, disobey them, and even, ignore them.

I, my apostles, can only continue insisting to a total change of life, but, as God, I respect infinitely your free will. I cannot force you to live in holiness. It is up to you. It is your decision. It is your will.

Through my prophet, I announce just the joy of salvation. Through my prophet, I only denounce what you are doing wrong. The response is yours. Observe my Mother, the Immaculate, the Pure, the Without Blemish. My Mother preserved since the beginning from all sin or blemish, because she was gong to give birth to the Son of God. By a special Grace, she was freed of the chain of original sin, but you, dear children, must make an effort, must be vigilant. I need to see in you concrete and firm decisions, so you can grow. I know well that all are born with the original sin, but in the Confession of your sins, after the Baptism, they are forgiven, and you can live without sins, without stain, without stumbling. But the excuse you give is that we are weak. That is not an excuse. It is the lack of will. It is the lack of decision. Until when are you going to be sissies? Until when are you going to be tepid? Until when will you obey? My Immaculate Mother intercedes for you, prays for you, so you will decide the straight and holy way. Tepidness is not well seen from Heaven. Never relax your lives of prayer. Prayer and fasting! Fasting and prayer!

I love you, and since I love you much, I also correct you; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

December 6, 2017

My Most Chaste Heart, thanks to the Holy Spirit, was a docile Heart. My Heart by renouncing to its will, allowed to be molded, formed, and educated by the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit, who guided my life; who guided me in my mission; who went along teaching me to serve his Sacred Hearts. The Holy Spirit called me, spoke to my Heart, confirmed to me the desires of the Holy Father, and the designs He had over me.

Dear children, the Holy Spirit forms, so that you can serve Jesus. The Holy Spirit calls, so that you will let yourselves be led by the Truth. And all Gift and Grace that the Holy Spirit grants is, primarily, to serve. No Grace from Heaven is free from humble service. All Grace is for serving, first to God, and also, to all the brothers. The Holy Spirit is going to lead you to service, and you are going to comprehend things better, without judging by appearances; you are going to understand better the adverse situations of life, without getting ahead to the Works that God has already prepared. You are going to listen, to see, and to speak from the Truth.

Pray to the Holy Spirit! Pray, and your lives are going to be transformed! Pray to the Holy Spirit and the virtues will flourish! Pray to the Holy Spirit and the love to the Sacred Hearts will increase in you, and will be a love which will allow you to comprehend, act, and do the Divine Will. Along with my Virginal Spouse and with the Beloved Child in my arms, we give you the Blessing of Our Holy Family. And you, small messenger who comes down from Mount Carmel, announce and denounce. The answer that humanity gives to my Call is a personal responsibility of each soul. You announce with joy and denounce without fear; that is your mission; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

December 4, 2017

The Instrument: Saint Therese of Jesus is here, and higher on her right side the Chaste and Beloved Heart of Saint Joseph. Saint Therese of Avila says:
It is necessary that you understand that if you want to advance through the path of perfection and holiness, you cannot do it keeping so many negative things in the heart; because when the heart is loaded and full of so much sorrow, hate, fear, mistrust, among so many aspects which do not come from God, the heart stops. A fearful heart does not reach holiness. A hateful heart is a heart, which gets each time more ill, and moves away from the Light, the Love, and the Pardon of Jesus. A sad heart will never, because of its sadness, be able to experience liberation, nor healing, or much less happiness.

It is necessary that you cleanse the heart. It is necessary that you purify it. It is necessary that you be meek. The meek receives the Love; the meek gives love. The heart that is not humble, will hardly advance, because this path of holiness is a path for the meek.
Observe Saint Joseph’s model, a meek Heart, a simple Heart, a Heart of silence, Heart of service, Heart who loved.

He, the Glorious Patriarch, will be who will guide you through this path of holiness. And if you listen with attention to my message, and practice what I teach you in this Message, you will advance rapidly towards the dwellings of perfection, which are found fully in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Saint Joseph is the starter of this way. Follow him!

That lethargy, sloth, and human weakness, which are always the excuse of fearful souls, do not stop you. I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, and by intercession of Father Saint Joseph, first in going through this path of perfection in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

December 2, 2017

My dear children, I invite you to renew prayer in your lives. You have not prayed enough, and since you haven’t prayed enough, your lives do not change. Prayer transforms; it transforms even the thinking, because prayer transfigures your lives to the image of Jesus. Prayer is not yet joy for you; many of my children pray because they are suffering, but while praying do not feel joyful; they do not know that to pray is to speak with My Son. And if you love My Son so much, why don’t you heart gladden when you are going to pray? Remember, my children that prayer must not be summarized in words only; prayer must lead you to a total conversion. Prayer must be nourishment and joy; prayer must be the shelter in the adverse situations of life. Until you learn to pray with the heart, and until you pray sufficiently, your lives will change.
Dear children, rejoice when you go to pray, because it is God who embraces you when you pray; that prayer turns into concrete actions; actions which will glorify My Son, and give light to the darkness of this world. You must intensity more the Cenacles of prayer, and spread them from the families.
Remember, children, that the first Saturday of each month, the first Friday of each month, and now, Heaven adds the first Wednesday in honor of Saint Joseph. You will save humanity each month. Pray, my children pray, without prayer there is no conversion. Pray unceasingly; pray for peace in your hearts, and when there is peace in your hearts, there will be peace in the families.

I give you my Maternal Blessing; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

December 1, 2017

My Sacred Heart is a simple heart. In spite of being a Heart of King and God; it is a simple and meek Heart. My Heart looked always to be the simplest, the smallest, the most insignificant. That which was rejected by men, I loved. So I chose a cave to be born; without comfort, without furnishings, with many obstacles. For that village, it was a madness of my dear earthy parents. My Mother Mary and my Father, who adopted me, Saint Joseph, were looked at in a bad way; nevertheless, they followed the inspirations of God. In our family life, we never looked to call the attention. Our Three Hearts never looked to be seen, be chosen, be the first. We wanted to pass occult, unnoticed, because Our Three Hearts were always the simplest.

What for the people were ignorant men, for Me, they were my Apostles and friends. What was a woman of bad life, used, so destroyed morally, considered a miserable of God, for Me, after My Mother, was the most courageous woman, who gave face to announce that I had resurrected.

Learn, my apostles, look for simplicity. The simple heart doesn’t look to be admired, to be heard. The heart of a simple soul: prays, remains silent, and works.

Look at My Prophets, they did not look to be prophets; my Father chose them to be prophets. Remember Saint Margaret, she did not look to be the promoter of the Message of my Sacred Heart. Remember those three shepherd children, poor, but so full of love. They did not choose to be carriers of a Message of conversion for the world. I chose them.

I want to teach you to love this: Love simplicity, love the simple life, love the silence, but above all and before all, dedicate yourselves to serve. In the service, it is not necessary that you are seen or that you are heard, just serve with love. Don’t tell others that you love Me, show it with a silent life, with a life of testimony, with a life of peace, and of silence. Please, remember, My apostles that the first simple Heart is my Heart. I bless you con Merciful Love; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

November 29, 2017

(Our Lady of Beauraing or the Virgin of the Gold Heart)

Dear children of My Most Chaste and Beloved Heart, Our Lady of the Gold Heart told you: “Be good always”. It is the Gospel summarized in one phrase: be good. And the soul that is good, is a soul that loves and, since it loves, observes the Lord’s Commandments. To be good always is a radical change of life, and that change of life, also, is manifested in the exterior: in the speech, in the look, in the acts, even, in the clothes goodness is manifested. Goodness is to be honest, transparent, and at the same time, shows love. He who does not love is not good, because love tied to goodness are in themselves a testimony. And he who loves knows how to act. He who loves knows what he can say and how to say it. He who loves listens, learns, practices. He who loves is conscious that in him there is nothing good, and that he must struggle at all moment to practice the virtues. And he who loves, and he who is good, trusts and waits all from God, and puts his hope in God. And if you start practicing goodness and charity, with the testimony than with words, you will get more souls closer to God. I invite you: pray, so that learning to pray, you will begin to love and be good. I bless you as Father of the Holy Family and Protector of the Last Times; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

November 25, 2017

Dear children, I wish that you would listen to your Mother with all your heart. When the heart is sincere, small, and meek, it welcomes and lives Our Calls.
I pray unceasingly for you, so that the Holy Spirit can soften your hearts, since the arrogance of life hardens more and more.
But, also, it is necessary that you have the disposition to change; that you have the desire to change, and that you strive to achieve that change.
Little ones, I want you to be meek, simple, and obedient souls. Remember that following My Son, is not only to belong to a Cenacle of Prayer; following My Son, also, requires testimony, requires actions, and requires concrete works moved by faith, cemented in love, and absolute trust.
You, my small Carmelite, from now forward, must take care of giving the Call, announcing and denouncing. If my other children do not want to heed My Call now, if my children do not want to obey me now, it weighs no longer on your shoulder, because you complied in admonishing and exhorting, providing the guide so they can be saved; but if they, if the world, do not want to hear, don’t trouble your heart, and be faithful, only, to give the Call.

I love you with Infinite Love, and bless all with My Maternal Blessing; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

November 24, 2017

Dear apostles of My Sacred Heart, I desire that you understand that because of the first sin, death and the suffering to the world entered, since pain is the payment of your sins. Little ones, I came to redeem you and to save you shedding my Blood to wash out your offenses, but you live like condemned souls; you don’t live like saved souls, submerged in sorrow, in anguish, and in mistrust. Each time more you go deeper into a deep abysm of darkness. My Light is given and remains exposed so all can see it, nevertheless, when you see it, you feel more comfortable in the darkness. I am with my arms extended, I have not closed them, you are the ones who do not come closer to Me. I call you with Love and Mercy. Live as children of the Light; live with the joy that God became man, and has redeemed you. Your hearts are my Temple, do not turn them into a den of thieves; don’t allow that the thieves of faith, the thieves of peace, the thieves of trust, the thieves of mistrust nest in your hearts. Don’t turn my Temple into a cave of evildoers, but show yourselves like you are: children of God and porters of the light of my Heart. I bless you with my Merciful Love; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

November 23, 2017

Little Carmelite of Our Sacred Hearts: Our Two Hearts understand that no one has merits or virtues on their own, but that the Spirit of God is who transmits them; but Heaven admires your patience, your fortitude, and your continuous ‘fiat’, and through each small suffering, many souls of great sinners are converting into apostles of the last times, without anyone, not even yourself, be aware of this. My Call is that they adhere to the Heart of Christ.

When they join the Heart of Jesus, and when they do not place obstacles to the Grace, to the Love, and to the Light of Jesus, the hearts will be transformed, and their lives will change.

It is necessary to unite to the Heart of Jesus, to lean on Him, and listen, at each moment, the “I love you” of God. When they meet the love of Jesus, they will understand the sense of patience, of silence, and of enduring with love the small crosses of life. When a soul meets the Love of Jesus, everything changes, and all has a new sense; all is seen in another way, because the Love of Jesus is enough for light, understanding, sense, and strength to be present.

I pray so that they can truly know the Love of God; that prayer in your lives turn, also, into concrete actions: prayer and work, prayer and testimony. This will transform your lives, and you will be lights for others. I bless you with Maternal Love.