August 18, 2017

My Sacred and Sorrowful Passion, was lived not only in Jerusalem from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Sepulcher, but also I have suffered my Conviction in your hearts. Reflect how many times you have denied Me like Peter? But Peter repented. How many souls have preferred the goods of earth and have sold Jesus, like Judas did? How many times those who call themselves my friends have behaved like the solders of the Temple, or the soldiers of the Governor? How many times your hearts have had the attitude of Caiaphas, of Annas, and of the others who slandered Me? How many men have fallen in the error of betraying Me and washing their hands?

Humanity, My Lament is Eternal. I am God and I am in the Glory, but also, am Redeemer, and suffer because I love you. Souls! Who have let yourselves trapped by deafness, by remaining silent, by disobedience.

Children, think in My Passion more; my Pass is not only to see me Crucified; My Passion is to feel my Feelings; feel the Pain when they nailed My Hands and My Feet. How many get discouraged by the weight of the mission! And I carried a Cross. The only thing that motivated me to continue to Calvary was knowing that I would cancel your debts.

Men! Why don’t you treasure that? I have given my Life for you, once and again. Now in the Holy Mass, I give my Life for you. How I long that you change your hearts! But I as God can only teach, correct; liberty is in you; those who get harmed are you. Until when will you hear My Message?Reflect a bit each day on my Sorrow. And when you think in what I suffered for all…! Because I love all immensely. No human being is out of my Gaze of Mercy. Think more in my Sorrow. And from the apostles of My Heart, I want mercy! I want you to practice mercy. My souls, until when? 

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

August 16, 2017

Small messenger of the Carmel, remember the scene of the Prophet Elijah praying in the mountain; a small cloud rose from the sea towards Heaven. The Prophet Elijah contemplated this, who discovered in that sign a hidden message from God. That which the Prophet Elijah saw, the cloud rising towards Heaven, is a Prophecy of the Assumption of the Most Holy Mother of Heaven.

No we head to Jerusalem; the Mother sighed slowly looking at Heaven, closed her eyes, and slept.
All the believers cried for their Mother; Apostles, disciples, pious women, the new Christian gathered to give a last kiss of love to the Queen. The Apostles carried the body of Our Mother towards a sepulcher very close to the sepulcher in which the Body of Jesus was placed; and there, Peter, John, and James placed the Body of the Virgin, piously, inside the sepulcher. An aroma of roses spread through the entire place. 
Those gathered there could her Heavenly Songs.
They placed the body, closed the sepulcher, and sang surrounding it; they prayed and waited. 
The Lady was taken to Heaven by a Legion of Angels. Jesus also descended from Heaven to receive his Mother.

I, Saint Joseph, was at the Door of the Kingdom to receive My Mother, My Queen, My Spouse. It was a solemn day in earth and in Heaven. All the blessed watched and said: “There is the Lady! There is the Co-redeemer! There is the Mother of the Universe!” Sweet Mary! Beautiful Mary! You were glorified for your humility; you were glorified for being small in all; you were glorified for humbling yourself continuously!

Children, men commit the error of imposing themselves; commit the error of transmitting fear to be respected, and no, children, the man and the woman of God are loved for their service. The power of all Christian and of all of Mary’s children is being humble, in serving*. The smallness, likewise of the small Mary, *is the weapon that bends the proud towers, because in Mary, the humble servers of Christ, contemplate also the Glory that awaits them. Salve Regina! Saint Joseph receives you and welcomes you.

Children, very loved by Mary, look at Her, imitate Her, and obey Her. I bless you with joy; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

August 14, 2017

Little Carmelite, come with me to the Cenacle of Jerusalem, where My Son celebrated Easter and instituted the Holy Eucharist with the Apostles. In this same place happened the great miracle of Pentecost, and in this same location My Soul was enraptured, in an act of Love, to fly to the encounter with Jesus.
Days before my Easter, meaning, from my Passing to Heaven, I went to the Cenacle of Jerusalem accompanied by John, the beloved disciple, and Mary Magdalene, the faithful repairer, who with her tears, expiated and repaired for the sins of the others. 

They did not know what was happening, but I was illuminated by My Son’s Spirit. My desire, my longing, my yearning of Jesus was so big, that I always pleaded that My Son would come for Me. My Passing to Eternity did not occur because of any illness; only My Spirit was enraptured by Love, the Immense Love that I had towards My Son. And with this same Love of Mother towards Jesus, I made it available, also, to the Church. And before my Easter, I entrusted very well the Church in Peter’s heart. I kissed my little ones in the forehead; I looked at them, smiled, conversed with all.

Children, until the last moment of my life in earth, I gave myself to all. I did not judge, or picked the holy, the good, or the sinner, or the unjust. I loved them, and I love all. And as Mother I invite you to, truly, open your hearts; to allow your hearts to be transformed by My Son.

Look towards Heaven; long for Heaven; think in Eternity; but that does not justify that you do not practice well the earthly life. Charity! Charity! Charity! At the end you will be judged by the love. Remember, because of lack of love many souls already have been lost.

The mystery of my Transit to Heaven is impregnated by an incommensurable Charity. Children, only Charity will make of you great saints. Don’t wait any longer! You already have enough time and life to live and incarnate My Son’s Gospel! I exhort you: be holy; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

August 12, 2017

Dear children, as Mother of Jesus and Mother of all sinners, I wish to invite you to open your hearts to the Love of God. Jesus loves you. Look at Him in the Cross with his arms open, to receive all, and grant pardon. Jesus loves you! The greatest sorrow the world can give to Our United Hearts is doubt the Love of God. When a soul doubts the Love of God, it saddens greatly My Son’s Heart. Jesus Crucified is the greatest proof of True Love, of Holy and Divine Love.

Abandon yourself in the Arms of Jesus; flood yourself with the Love of God; and also, transmit this Holy Love to the others. Be beams of Light and Love in the world, in the Church, in your families.
Pray, pray much; pray unceasingly, so that you also experiment the Love of God. I, your Mother, bless you and protect you. I give you My Maternal Blessing; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

August 11, 2017

That Eucharistic evening when with My Beloved Apostles, I celebrated the fraction of the Bread requesting that they commemorate this Holy Meal in the Cenacle of Jerusalem, my sacrifice was symbolic, but in the moment that I imposed My Hands over the bread and wine, the miracle of Transubstantiation occurred, in which the Bread and Wine was My Live Body and My Real Blood. 

So Easter stopped being symbolic to become, that night, in a Live and Real Sacrifice.
On Holy Thursday my Sacrifice was with the Cross. That Holy Night, I retreated myself to the Garden, outside the city, to pray. At that moment, while I was walking towards the Garden, my Heart was saying good-bye to My Mother’s Heart.

How many times My Mother protected me, but that night she knew that she was unable to do anything for me, because I had come to the world for this. My Mother, very afflicted also, accepted with patience the Will of God.

As I was reaching Gethsemane, I knelt and prayed; prayed for the world; prayed for the sinners; prayed for Judas, for Annas, for Caiaphas, for the Roman soldiers; I prayed for you.

In that moment my Heart entered into agony; all the sins of the world, since the first, yours, and the sin of the last man in the face of the earth, fell upon Me, and turned into sin for you, and in that moment God was alone; God made himself nothing for you.

And still the world falls always in the lie of believing to be something. Human pride will never be able to understand my agony in the Garden; only the meek reach this place. Each sin passed in front of Me, and the sorrow I felt was as if I, Jesus, had committed them, but I assumed your sins so you would be saved. I had fear, nostalgia, but my Heart bursts with Love; the Sweat of Blood of my forehead was for Love. 

Unfortunately, my sorrowful Passion is forgotten.
If the world would think more in what I suffered, surely they would with more holiness, but My Heart suffer by seeing, even the Consecrated, forget My Passion. Only the meek can comprehend this; only those with a small heart can understand My Sorrow. Make yourselves small! Make yourselves small with the entire heart! So that you will accompany your Jesus in the Sorrow. 

I invite you to pray with Me in My Agony of Gethsemane. I give you My blessing; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

August 9, 2017

Dear children, before becoming engaged to Mary, as ordered by Jewish Law, I already admired her; contemplated Mary. The purity, the humility, the Love that Mary radiated in earth, only Jesus was able to surpass it, because He was God; but Mary, still being a small creature already radiated the divine, the eternal. And from the moment of the Incarnation of the Verb in her Womb, Mary became the Entrance to the Kingdom of the Divine Will, because Mary acted, spoke, prayed, doing all with Holy Love, and this Holy Love united Her in earth to the Divine Will. 

Hence, now, is that I invite you to reflect: How would Mary act in my place? How would Mary respond if she was me? Which how much love? With how much dedication would Mary serve my brothers if She was I?

Children, to be children of Mary it’s not enough to consecrate yourselves to Her. The Consecration to her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart is the entrance door, but the Consecration must be lived. Our Calls of Love and Conversion are a lifestyle, hence, meditate if you act, speak, serve, even if you pray like Mary and if, still it’s not like this: What else are you waiting for to begin to imitate the only creature that never offended the Lord? Hence, imitate in all, totally in all, the Heavenly Queen. And when Jesus sees you transformed in Mary, you will be very pleasing to Him. 

With the Love of Father that wishes to educate his children, I give you My Blessing: in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

August 7, 2017

Dear children, I call you to contemplate Jesus, with My Heart and My Eyes. Children, it’s very important to feel Jesus’ feelings, to put oneself in Jesus’ place, to understand Jesus. My Son, not with impatience or anger said to Peter and to the Apostles: “Men of little faith”. My Son said it with sadness, with pain; so much time the Apostles with My Son and, still, they did not understand the Word of God, and their faith was very little. 

Children, you must ask for faith; it is necessary to pray so that your faith grows; but it is also very important that at par of your faith, you ask for the gift of love. Faith and love will bear hope as fruit. So much time hearing the Word of My Son! So much time that Our Sacred Hearts have been teaching you! And, still, you have little faith, and still do not show love to the others. To say with the lips that God is Love, you must show it with your works. Perhaps your faith has to contradict your works?

Children, love is important; charity is important; 
charity in your looks, charity in your gestures, charity in your talk. That you love will grow and, also, silence grow in your interior, so that you may be able to comprehend my words, so you will have strength to live My Messages. Prayer, faith, charity, and silence so you will grow in the way of the Gospel.Children, respond to My Message with obedience. 

With Maternal Love, I bless you: in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

August 4, 2017

Dear children, I invite you to contemplate, to meditate, and to adore My Holy Wounds; each wound of My Body, each part of My Body that was torn, open. In the smallest wound of My Body, with My Blood, I declared My Love to humanity; I declared My Love for each one of you.

My Heart hurts when I see that the Sacrifice of My Sorrowful Passion is not considered, valued, or respected. Humanity! Why do you forget the price I paid to save you and to save each one of your brothers? You must learn that you, that the others, even those who do not please you, those you hate, those you reject, I have bought with My Blood; I have bought all with the Cross.

Hence, I invite you to contemplate Me. Soul! Contemplate me crucified; comprehend, also, that My Sacrifice was to save others, all, like yourself.
Children, you know that sin destroys; that it destroys the world, society. My Church is the sin of selfishness. Selfishness is equal, is the same, as saying no-love. Selfishness is the lack of love and, unfortunately, even My disciples carry with the sin of no-love.

Children, at the end you will be examined only in love itself. At the end, what will matter for eternal salvation of your souls will be the practice of love. Don’t forget, children, what My Apostle Peter already said, the Charity of Christ urges. The Love of God in the world today, in you, urges, and from each wound of My Body, I have given to you Love. Don’t despise it, because already I have endured much indifference and rejection. 

Love one another, as I love you. I bless you, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

August 2, 2017

Mary, My virginal Spouse, of angelical spirit, in her thinking wisdom reigned, in her Heart reigned charity, in her words reigned prudence and silence, and in her gestures reigned humility. My spouse Mary was always simple, modest, minimal; she avoided in all to be seen, to be served. The Mother of the World served, but avoided being served; loved, but never looked to be loved; gave herself to all in God, but never claimed anything for Herself. 

She surrendered all, even her own being; she became nothing; she immolated herself; she humbled herself deeply, so not to be herself, rather that in all it would be God. And my human Heart, of man, of father, of spouse, but also of son, learned from Her; imitated her, consecrated itself to God through Her. 

I, your Father Saint Joseph, lived in silence, to contemplate her, to never lose her from my sight, to not disperse myself with the noise and thoughts, from the devotion, the love and piety, with which Mary lived in earth. O children, your hearts are still very hard to contemplate and comprehend the sensitivity of Mary; her deep love and humility. 

Tower of Babel, destroy yourselves so the Tower of Ivory, the Tower of Grace, the Gate of Heaven will rise! Mary, the humble; Mary, the silent; Mary, the servant, and until your hearts make themselves very little, until your hearts learn to forgive, until in the family you live in peace, you will comprehend the greatness of Mary. 

Read Sophonias in Chapter 1. Mary, the humble, and your Father Saint Joseph your protector bless you: in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

July 31, 2017

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart is the Throne and Sanctuary of Divine Wisdom. The Holy Spirit, through My Immaculate Heart, distributes Divine Wisdom to who ask for it with faith. 

Children, hence, I invite you to bring down the proud Babel Tower of your hearts. Only a humble heart is capable of recognizing his sins, but even humbler is the heart that accepts to be pardoned by My Son. 

Children, be glad because your condition of sin has made that the Father sends Jesus to save you. Be glad and receive the Love, the Pardon, and the Redemption that Christ wants to give you! Be humble! Pride confuses, mistakes, and destroys. Humility builds, guides, and strengthens. If men raised the Tower of Babel with pride, Heaven raised the humble Tower of the Cross. The Tower of Babel destroyed and disunited. The humble Tower of the Cross united Heaven and earth, and saved the world. 

My Call, children, is to humility and that you move away from the sin of pride. Prayer and fasting will help you in practicing the virtue of humility. I give you My Maternal Blessing; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.