June 14, 2017

My beloved Heavenly Spouse, as Sorrowful Mother, has manifested herself in many places of the earth calling all her children to change their lives. And as Mother of Sorrows invites also, especially, to contemplate what Jesus has suffered to declare to you, to each one of you, the Love He has for you. 

The Cross; the Madness of the Holy Love; only Jesus has loved without measure. My Adoptive Son did not care if his Love was or was not going to be reciprocated. Jesus didn’t think if He was going to be accepted or not. He offered himself to all, without distinction to anyone. He loved without rejecting anyone. And the Mother of Sorrows, with whom I shared also my sorrows, by Jesus’ and Mary’s side in earth, invites that all of you, his children, do not put the Cross aside. 

Because many, by forgetting the Cross, have moved away from the Heart of Christ. I was not physically in Calvary, but I was also contemplating the suffering and the Cross of Jesus Christ. Oh humanity, if you did not forget the Cross, and love truly with the heart! The Cross is gathering a court of souls, who like Jesus, are allowing to be crucified by love to Him. 

Heaven is doing it to stop the Justice and the Chastisement that is coming from Heaven, because the sins are many and are grave. Along with the Sorrowful Mother with your fast, penitence, and prayers, implore mercy, and pray. Pray! Don’t ask! Pray! Pray with the heart! Learn to pray looking always at Jesus Crucified. And when you understand what Jesus did in the Cross, you will learn to live, to love, to pray. 

As the Adoptive Father of Jesus Crucified, I bless you; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.