June 21, 2017

My Loving Heart lived from silence and from service in Nazareth; I lived with Jesus and Mary from God’s contemplation; I lived filling myself with the Love of God. And this Love of God transformed My Heart; this Love of God, which I longed since I was small, in my paternal home, made me practice humility, annihilation, silence. 

Know, dear children that I, your Father Saint Joseph, in my paternal home, was humiliated by my parents and brothers; was rejected; was always left to the side. But I understood that the Lord allowed this, because these sufferings harvested in me graces for my future vocation; Nutritious Father of God Live. Hence, now, like wise as the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary is the way that leads you to God, My Chaste and Beloved Heart is the way which leads you to the service of God. 

Learn from humility! Learn from concealment! Don’t speak about yourselves! Don’t praise yourselves! If you are going to speak about yourselves, let it be of your sins, your defects, and the immense pardon that God has given to your souls. Free yourselves from noise and from wanting to be chosen, loved; no, children, the way to God is the way of humility, the way of concealment, the way of total resignation. And when you have truly met with this Love of God, you will see, little children, that even your way of speaking, of looking, of acting, event the smallest breath and beating of your heart will give testimony of the Love of God that you experience. 

Because man expresses only what is in his heart, and if your heart is filled of God, you will manifest God. Be servants! The servant does only what he must do. Humble! Silent! Of pure hearts! Of clean sight! Of noble actions! In this manner you will manifest, in this way you will show the Love of a Loving Father. I intercede for you. 

I bless you, as Saint Joseph Worker, silent and occult; in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.