June 23, 2017

Children of My Sacred Heart, I reveal My Heart, the spring of Love and of Mercy. In My Most Sacred Heart are gathered all the Graces, all the Blessings; all the Gifts which proceed from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, and I, as Son, keep these Treasures in My Sacred Heart, as perfect Advocate and Mediator of the creatures and the Creator.

Little ones, when you adore My Heart, you adore My Humanity, because I, Jesus, loved with a flesh Heart; loved with a human Heart. When you adore My Sacred Heart, you adore, also, My feelings; adore My affections; adore My desires, My worries, My pains, My suffering. When you adore My Sacred, you adore the God made flesh, the God Man, the God Son, who by work of the Spirit was incarnate in the Immaculate Virgin, and who surrendered to the Cross for love for each one of you. 

All have the price of My Blood shed and of My Open Heart. When you adore My Sacred Heart, you adore My entire Person, human and divine, hence, when you adore My Heart, you console Me, repair, and relieve My sufferings. Be true repairers and adorers of My Sacred Heart! 

I bless you with My Merciful Love; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.