June 27, 2017

Children of My Sacred Heart, the Infinite Ocean of Mercy loves you immensely and how I desire, My children that you understand this Love: an Infinite Love, without beginning or end; a Love who allowed to be crucified, but in spite of human ungratefulness, this Love, which is I myself, remains in the Most Holy Sacrament waiting always, each day, for this Merciful Love to be reciprocated. 

That’s why, My children that I wish that you turn into contemplative souls, because the soul that contemplates My Love, My Cross, and the Eucharist, is the soul that perseveres will turn sensitive to My Pain, to My Joys, to My Love. A soul cannot come closer to Me if it is not touched with the Rays of Divine Light; it’s the same, no creature in earth cannot be untouched by the light of the sun. My Love is given; My Love has been offered, but My Love wants to be reciprocated. 

This is why, each day, keep a moment of silence to meditate in the reciprocation you have given to the Love that I deliver to you. Don’t be afraid of the tribulations of life, the Lady, My Mother, will be the Perpetual help, the Unconditional Help, the Tireless Protector of the adorers of My Heart. 

She is Mother of Perpetual Help, because she has helped you by giving her Yes; has aided, the Helped, the Redemption of Christ, so men will be saved. I remain with you! Adore always, even in your ordinary activities! Remain in an attitude of adoration! 

I bless you with Redeeming Love; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.