June 19, 2017

Very dear children, I wish to invite you to take My Messages with much seriousness and disposition of heart. Time is running out and many of my children are living in the world like sheep without a shepherd; hence is that once more, Jesus sends My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart to call all peoples to My Maternal Heart, so that through My Heart, you will receive Love, Pardon, and Peace. 

Dear children, a change of heart is very necessary. Allow me, dear children, to tell you that when you want to change, you forget also of carrying the cross; and the soul that wishes to change, will change carrying the cross. Many believers believe that to get closer to My Son is to move away from suffering. And it’s not like this, dear children; he who comes closer to My Son must carry his cross, must suffer, and repair for his sins and of the world. 

Also, dear children, many ask themselves, many would like to know, how much they love Jesus? I tell you, children that in the same way as you love and relate with your brother, in the same way you love and is your relationship with My Son.

My children, in these times, it is urgent that you live with responsibility, charity, perseverance, and the acceptance of the cross. Don’t move away from this so you will not deviate from the way that My Son has shown you. 

Little ones, I want the salvation of all, and this will be achieved with prayer and with the acceptance of My Message. I bless you as a Tender Mother; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.