June 26, 2017

Dear children of My Immaculate Heart, I wish to invite you to open yourselves with the will, with the liberty, and with the understanding with which the Father has created you, to Love, to Pardon, and to Mercy. 

My Son sends me to establish the Peace of men with God, and to establish the Peace among men. But not the peace that is achieved with human efforts, rather the Peace that the Holy Spirit deposits in the hearts that pray, that trust, and believe. 

Children, the world needs the [sic}. And hence, My apostles is that I invite you to take seriously from the Light of My Heart, so you will spread it through the world, not as much with your words, but with example, with testimony. 

My children, pray so you can be able to comprehend My Words; pray so that My Messages can bear fruit in you; pray with willing and trusting hearts, so you can change. With a Mother’s Love I have desired that the world knows the Love of Jesus. But very few decide to listen, and much less are the small souls who wish to put My Words into practice. 

My children, console Me! That each one lives My invitation of Mother with a commitment of love. And I want the salvation of all, and I plead before My Son for you. 

I watch you, I smile at you, and bless all. If you knew how much I love you, you would cry unceasingly, by knowing that each one is special and important for Me, Your Mother.