July 7, 2017

My Sacred Heart, from the moment in which it began to be formed in the Pure and Immaculate Wombs of My Beloved Mother, was a Victim of Love. My Heart was formed to be a Victim for the sins of the world, and to be an Expiatory Offering.

Children, My Heart, in each beating, said an “I love you and I forgive you”, and that beating has extended until today; especially in the Sacraments of Confession and of the Eucharist. In these two Sacraments I renew and update that I love you and I pardon you. My Heart, by loving and forgiving, takes and assumes all your sins and of the world, to continue reaching My Father’s Mercy.

But, what do I want to teach you with this, children? I want you to understand that even now, after My Resurrection, My Sufferings, which turned into mystics, have not ceased; I continue suffering; I continue being a Victim; I continue assuming sin, which in these times have multiplied and have turned graver.

Children, My Heart, Victim and Host, suffers much; but I still observe the hardness of your hearts. I want to rest in the hearts, but when I seek shelter in you, I find a rock; I find hardness, and lack of love. I want to rest in you; I want to repose in you.

Children, when you adore My Eucharistic Heart remember that I still suffer, and I want pious souls that console me in this Calvary. Children, you can allow that I turn your hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. Without your permission, I cannot do anything. I expect that you also have mercy of your Jesus.

I love you, as the Eternal Victim. I bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.