July 3, 2017

My dear children, I am the Mother of Humility; I am the Servant of the Lord and Servant of All the men in God; I am the small Mary, the simple Virgin in Nazareth; I am the one who rejoices for being humble, for being small, and My Heart rejoices by knowing that God is all; that God does all.

Little ones, the life of the Holy Family was always covered with the gift of humility; but humility, dear children, does not make you to exclude yourselves, instead it makes you servers. True humility leads you to serve the others. Jesus, My Son, was humble always, and with humility He accepted the sacrifice of the Cross. My Son God was not thinking if his death in the Cross was unjust. My Son humbly thought that it was the Will of God.

Why is it so difficult to understand this? Why does man, once and again, fall in the temptation of wanting to be God? Isn’t God who rules their lives? Isn’t God who knows what you need before you ask Him for it? Doesn’t He dress the birds in the fields, the flowers? 

And if you are his children, you are more important than that. Then, My children, why do you pretend to exalt yourselves? Pride, selfishness, arrogance is what is destroying the family; incomprehension, the desire to be, and not allow God to be.

My children, if you would comprehend that all depends of God; and all happens because He allows it; all happens in your lives because that is how He wants it. Peace! Receive the Graces with peace! Be joyful of being little or nothing in the presence of God! Only humility makes great saints. The wheat that rises proudly towards the sun is empty, but the wheat that is folded, folds because of the weight of the grains, which are abundant in it; and Jesus bent; and Jesus made himself nothing in the Cross. 

Humility and peace, dear children, is My exhortation. I love you and bless you; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.