Call for Love and Conversion from the Chaste and Beloved Heart of Saint Joseph - July 19, 2017

Chaste and Beloved Heart of Saint Joseph Dear children, I invite you to contemplate the Nazareth workshop, there, in silence, I worked to sustain Jesus and Mary. There, like a grain that is crushed to make flour and form the host, in same manner, I surrendered myself, like a host, to console, serve, and love Jesus and Mary. My Heart also was and is Victim Host, because as a child of Israel, I repaired the rejection of the people towards his Messiah accepting him as My Son, and as just man, I repaired the rejection towards the Virgin Mary, when she conceived by the Holy Spirit; accepting her as My Spouse, because her life was in peril by being rejected, and, continuously, I repaired and consoled the Sacred Hearts.

My children, one of the greatest ways of repairing and consoling the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is to resign to your own will. When you resign to your will at each moment, you accept the Will of God. Pray and fast so that you will have firm hearts and strong spirits, which, without faltering will always be willing to serve Jesus and Mary, and, also, through Them the others. I bless you as Patriarch of the Family of Nazareth; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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