Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - July 14, 2017

Sacred Heart of JesusMy beloved children of My Eucharistic Heart, in each Sanctuary of the world My Heart is beating, in silence, asking to be loved, be adored, be visited.

The Tabernacle is the Rock of My Church, because in It, the Life and the Strength of the Mystical Body is kept, which is the Holy Eucharist. And in each Eucharist, I am asking for Adoration and Reparation.

Children, many souls have lost the understanding and the value of the Holy Mass, and of the Holy Sacrifice. In these last times, very little importance is given and My Heart suffers because in each Altar I surrender myself like I did in Calvary; I give myself so that My Father still has Mercy.

But, My children, it is you now, who must have mercy and pity with your God. God loves you and no human being can doubt the Love that the Holy Trinity has for you. But now, it corresponds man to be merciful with God; listen to God, accept the Love of God. If the world rejects even more the Love of God, sin and selfishness will advance and destroy many lives.

Children, in Holy Love is the key of Blessing and Salvation. Love one another; love your God. I bless you, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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