Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - August 11, 2017

Sacred Heart of JesusIn that Eucharistic evening when with My Beloved Apostles, I celebrated the fraction of the Bread requesting that they commemorate this Holy Meal in the Cenacle of Jerusalem, my sacrifice was symbolic, but in the moment that I imposed My Hands over the bread and wine, the miracle of Transubstantiation occurred, in which the Bread and Wine was My Live Body and My Real Blood. So Easter stopped being symbolic to become, that night, in a Live and Real Sacrifice.

On Holy Thursday my Sacrifice was with the Cross; that Holy Night, I retreated myself to the Garden, outside the city, to pray. At that moment, while I was walking towards the Garden, my Heart was saying good-bye to My Mother’s Heart.

How many times My Mother protected me, but that night she knew that she was unable to do anything for me, because I had come to the world for this. My Mother, very afflicted also, accepted with patience the Will of God.

As I was reaching Gethsemane, I knelt and prayed; prayed for the world; prayed for the sinners; prayed for Judas, for Annas, for Caiaphas, for the Roman soldiers; I prayed for you.

In that moment my Heart entered into agony; all the sins of the world, since the first, yours, and the sin of the last man in the face of the earth, fell upon Me, and turned into sin for you, and in that moment God was alone; God made himself nothing for you.

And still the world falls always in the lie of believing to be something. Human pride will never be able to understand my agony in the Garden; only the meek reach this place. Each sin passed in front of Me, and the sorrow I felt was as if I, Jesus, had committed them, but I assumed your sins so you would be saved. I had fear, nostalgia, but my Heart bursts with Love; the Sweat of Blood of my forehead was for Love. Unfortunately, my sorrowful Passion is forgotten.

If the world would think more in what I suffered, surely they would with more holiness, but My Heart suffer by seeing, even the Consecrated, forget My Passion. Only the meek can comprehend this; only those with a small heart can understand My Sorrow. Make yourselves small! Make yourselves small with the entire heart!, so that you will accompany your Jesus in the Sorrow. I invite you to pray with Me in My Agony of Gethsemane. I give you My blessing; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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