Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - August 18, 2017

Sacred Heart of JesusMy Sacred and Sorrowful Passion, was lived not only in Jerusalem from the Garden of Gethsemane to the Sepulcher, but also I have suffered my Conviction in your hearts. Reflect how many times you have denied Me like Peter? But Peter repented. How many souls have preferred the goods of earth and have sold Jesus, like Judas did? How many times those who call themselves my friends have behaved like the solders of the Temple, or the soldiers of the Governor? How many times your hearts have had the attitude of Caiaphas, of Annas, and of the others who slandered Me? How many men have fallen in the error of betraying Me and washing their hands?

Humanity, My Lament is Eternal. I am God and I am in the Glory, but also, am Redeemer, and suffer because I love you. Souls! Who have let yourselves trapped by deafness, by remaining silent, by disobedience.

Children, think in My Passion more; my Passion is not only to see me Crucified; My Passion is to feel my Feelings; feel the Pain when they nailed My Hands and My Feet. How many get discouraged by the weight of the mission! And I carried a Cross. The only thing that motivated me to continue to Calvary was knowing that I would cancel your debts.

Men! Why don’t you treasure that? I have given my Life for you, once and again. Now in the Holy Mass, I give my Life for you. How I long that you change your hearts! But I as God can only teach, correct; liberty is in you; those who get harmed are you. Until when will you hear My Message? Reflect a bit each day on my Sorrow. And when you think in what I suffered for all…! Because I love all immensely. No human being is out of my Gaze of Mercy. Think more in my Sorrow. And from the apostles of My Heart, I want mercy! I want you to practice mercy. My souls, until when? In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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