Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - August 25, 2017

Sacred Heart of JesusMy Sacred Heart is a Fathomless Abyss of Love, Mercy, and Tenderness. Any man that comes close to My Heart is going to feel the Embrace that God gives to him, like a Father to a son.

It is a great desire of My Sacred Heart that all recognize in My Heart the Immense and Eternal Love that I have for each one.

It is very simple to speak of the Love of God; it is very simple to speak of the things of God, but what is important is that you get to experience the Love of God, because truly, you cannot speak of My Love when you don’t allow Me to give it to you.

When you make yourselves small; when you recognize that you can’t do anything; that you don’t know anything; that you are creatures only, but are glad of being small, but get happy in your hearts when you know that you depend totally on Me. Only like this, stripped of all, even from all the ties and problems that tie you to earth, you are going to be sensitive to the Love I have for you. The material, the comfort, the having, the power, the pleasure has numbed your hearts. And the man of today worries more to build his life here in earth, but doesn’t worry of eternal life; he forgets it totally believing that there is no Heaven or that there is no hell; and how many souls reach the end of their earthly life in the same error.

I have promoted this Work by gathering and calling, through My Mother, all the apostles of Our Sacred Hearts in the entire world. This Work is incomprehensible if you do not pray. Children, what I have promoted with all of you is a Work full of Love, but of urgency. Pray, pray much! Pray with all the heart! So that you may comprehend the importance of this Work.

And you, my little messenger, don’t be afraid; you must gather, must congregate, and must guide the entire Army of My Mother. Don’t be afraid, because wherever we send you, we will go with you, and, likewise, with all the apostles of Our Sacred Hearts. Pray so that all the hearts will join to My Mother’s and My Heart; and hence you will be able to comprehend the greatness of Our Messages.

I, with Merciful Love, bless you; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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