Call for Love and Conversion from the Chaste and Beloved Heart of Saint Joseph - September 27, 2017

Chaste and Beloved Heart of Saint Joseph Children of My Most Chaste Heart, I wish to transmit to you the feelings of Jesus, our Lord. He is sad because many of the souls that He has chosen, called, and gathered in this Apostolate for the Last Times, do not comprehend the greatness, the deepness, and the value; as well as the responsibility that means to be apostle of the Sacred Hearts.

This Work, my dear children, is the Home of the Holy Family open for the entire world. From a Family in Nazareth the Redeeming Mission for Humanity was born, our Apostolate. God wishes to establish in the entire world the Devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Our Lady announced it in Fatima, but with this Work wishes to materialize that Promise.

Little ones pray much, pray always; in your hearts there is still hardness, pride, and disobedience to the Last Calls for Love and Conversion.

My children, rejoice! Because you are part of our Work; commit to It. Decide for the Truth; don’t wait any longer, or look for more. Listen to us! And you will be led by the Truth. Pray, my children, pray unceasingly; make of your lives and of your works an endless prayer.

Little ones, love this Mission which has been entrusted to you, and don’t let yourselves be seduced by the false messengers that want to confuse the Holy Rest of Jesus.

I give you my Patriarchal Bless; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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