Call for Love and Conversion from the Chaste and Beloved Heart of Saint Joseph - October 25, 2017

Chaste and Beloved Heart of Saint Joseph
Heaven itself prepares the children of God. When God chooses a soul for his service, God himself prepares it. First he makes it see what is wrong and what it must change. Then he gives it a conscience of sin, so it can recognize its faults. And at that moment, the soul comprehends that a word, a thought or a look already can offend God. The soul that allows then to be illuminated and repents, changes; and in everything looks to please God.

The souls that meet with the Love of Jesus do not want to be seen or heard, or admired, simply, they want to hide; they hide. There in the occult, in the anonymity, in the silence, they want to serve God. Because only God is the object of their love; nothing or no one. And they comprehend that only God “Is”. Hence, in the same manner, the Holy Spirit and Our Lady did with me; they illuminated me, they indicated to me what I must do, and I obeyed. That obedience is saying ‘no’ to the human will. The human will lead to sin, to death, to condemnation. To renounce to your will to live what Jesus desires and has taught you is an act of love. Renounce to your own selves is an act of faith, and also, of trust, because you expect all from God. Truth and love, security and joy, the soul who trusts finds them in God. I invite you to this. In spite of all the storms of life, never loose the trust in God. Even when you are in the most terrible trial, but trust in God, you do not lack peace; you believe and continue forward. That is what Jesus wants! Continue forward, no matter how long is the desert; you must walk. Never be discouraged of the small cross that God has given you to save you! I bless you as Nutritious Father of Jesus, the Verb, who became Flesh to redeem the entire humanity. Look at Christ crucified! In the Cross you the greatest proof of Love! In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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