Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - October 6, 2017

Sacred Heart of Jesus“Dear children, love my Heart with madness.”

Souls, my Heart must be loved completely. You cannot serve two lords, either you love madly and incarnate My Gospel, or you are tepid souls that little by little move away from the Truth. My Heart is to be loved totally. The Gospel is to be lived totally. You cannot put conditions to the Love of God; and that Love must be reflected among the brothers. Because he who says loves me and doesn’t see is a liar, but he doesn’t love his brother that he can see.

The Gospel must be lived! The world is going to define you as crazy, fanatics, ignorant. But he who has met with the Gospel has strength to give to the last, even to the smallest drop of blood for love.

Children, love one another; the love that you have for your brother is the love you have for your God, because I am in the neighbor. Love one another and you will be beautiful! Love one another and you will be transparent! Love one another and you will be holy! The Gospel must be lived with radicalism! In this time, my Heart needs of souls strongly decided, who will give all for the Gospel.

I call the apostles of our Sacred Hearts of these last times to assume with a radical decision the Work of my Apostolate; either you are of the Apostolate or of the world. It is the moment that all the apostles of the last times decide completely for the Gospel, and to diffuse My Calls for Love and Conversion.

Spread through the entire world my Last Calls for Love and Conversion. Disseminate in the world the Cenacle of Prayer, the scapular, and the image of our Sacred Hearts. Our Two Hearts will save humanity! Live the Gospel even to the last consequences, because if you lose your life because of my Cause, you will find it eternally in Paradise. Be strong and live the Love, because all is summarized in that: in Holy Love.

I bless you with Divine Love; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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