Call for Love and Conversion from the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary - October 7, 2017

Sorrowfull and Immaculate Heart of Mary“Love and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

My dear children, I am the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of our Lady of the Rosary.

My little ones, I invite you to the silence that contemplates, the silence that listens, and the silence that obeys.

To be able to listen to God, interior silence is needed. To put His Word into practice, interior silence is needed. To obey God without fear, peace and trust are needed; he who trusts obeys in peace.

Your life, dear children, is like the Mystery of the Rosary; you have moments of joy, moments of light, there are moments of pain, but also, moments of glory. If you unite your lives to My Maternal Heart, you will transform also your life into a Rosary; and remember that in the Rosary the Joys are meditated, but you also contemplate the Sorrows. If you join your sufferings to the Sorrow of our Sacred Hearts, your sufferings will have a co-redeeming value.

Children, many souls are being condemned because my children do not want to suffer and to offer their sufferings for the conversion of sinners. Look at the heart of the world, so wounded and needy of souls, who will surrender themselves for the conversion of the others.

The moment has arrived, dear children that you take my Holy Messages with responsibility, matureness, and seriousness. There is no more time now for tepidness; there is no time now to continue in mediocrity. Living Rosaries are needed; souls, who pray and are decided, are needed.

Little ones, your conversion are urged by Heaven. There is no more time; decide in being Holy; decide in surrendering to My Son even the last drop of life, for the salvation of your brothers. At the end, it is Love who will reign.

O my children learn from your Mother. She loves so much that those who are away from God, who begs to her Army: Pray, sacrifice, and do penitence for those who are away and indifferent to the Love of Jesus.

My children, holiness also consists of loving thy neighbor.

I invite you, make of your life a Living Rosary. I give you my Maternal Blessing; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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