Call for Love and Conversion from Saint Theresa of Jesus - November 6, 2017

Saint Therese of JesusMan, human being, is needy always of the Absolute, of the Real, of the Truth. In man’s heart is the unquenchable thirst of Truth, and man deviates searching for Truth in other parts and situations, and not in the Fountain of Truth, which is God. Some souls, who have known the Truth, move away from it, because it demands from them radicalism and rectitude.

Other souls with longings for Truth wish to turn into gods; these souls are lost because of arrogance and pride; as it happened with those who had the Tower of Babel built. The proud get confused because of the same arrogance. Other souls want to search, and believe that they have found the Truth, by following beliefs, religions, and practices contrary to Truth itself.

Carmelite, man does not want to recognize the Truth in the Gospel and in the person of Jesus Christ, and the only Church founded by Him.

Man has a longing for Truth, but that Truth is God. The human heart, who dislikes accepting corrections or mandates, moves away from the Divine Precept; because the human heart is spattered, and sometimes brimming with arrogance and self love, who desires to find his own truth, and the only thing he achieves is to get confused.

Carmelite, humanity longs for God; longs for Truth; wants to meet with the Absolute, but the human heart is so proud to recognize that he needs to find God. But the souls that recognize the absence of God and long for His presence give permission for God, through his Spirit, to begin to lead them through the Path of Life, and through the Dwellings of the Kingdom.

God wants to guide the souls through a Path of Perfection, which begins in recognizing that God is needed in the heart, and that it must go in deeper into His Mercy; let itself be loved by the Spouse, and be docile to the Path of Perfection, through which the Heavenly Spouse wishes to lead the soul.

Meanwhile, the soul without realizing it, starts to perambulate each Dwelling of the Celestial Kingdom.

The first step for this spiritual path is humility, recognizing sin, desire for holiness, meaning, all that is contrary to pride and arrogance of life.

Carmelite, your heart is in that Transforming Union, where the creature molds to his Creator, and aspires only the longings and desires of the Spouse. I bless you; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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