Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - December 1, 2017

Sacred Heart of Jesus
My Sacred Heart is a simple heart. In spite of being a Heart of King and God; it is a simple and meek Heart. My Heart looked always to be the simplest, the smallest, and the most insignificant. That which was rejected by men, I loved. So I chose a cave to be born; without comfort, without furnishings, with many obstacles. For that village, it was a madness of my dear earthy parents. My Mother Mary and my Father, who adopted me, Saint Joseph, were looked at in a bad way; nevertheless, they followed the inspirations of God. In our family life, we never looked to call the attention. Our Three Hearts never looked to be seen, be chosen, be the first. We wanted to pass occult, unnoticed, because Our Three Hearts were always the simplest. 

Those who for the people were ignorant men, for Me, they were my Apostles and friends. What was a woman of bad life, used, so destroyed morally, considered a miserable of God, for Me, after My Mother, was the most courageous woman, who gave face to announce that I had resurrected. 

Learn, my apostles, look for simplicity. The simple heart doesn’t look to be admired, to be heard. The heart of a simple soul: prays, remains silent, and works. 

Look at My Prophets, they did not look to be prophets; my Father chose them to be prophets. Remember Saint Margaret, she did not look to be the promoter of the Message of my Sacred Heart. Remember those three shepherd children, poor, but so full of love. They did not choose to be carriers of a Message of conversion for the world. I chose them. 

I want to teach you to love this: Love simplicity, love the simple life, love the silence, but above all and before all, dedicate yourselves to serve. In the service, it is not necessary that you are seen or that you are heard, just serve with love. Don’t tell others that you love Me, show it with a silent life, with a life of testimony, with a life of peace, and of silence. Please, remember, My apostles that the first simple Heart is my Heart. I bless you con Merciful Love; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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