Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - December 15, 2017

Sacred Heart of JesusApostles of My Sacred Heart, with all the Love that burns in My Heart for each one of you, I desire that you pray. Transform your lives with prayer. Nothing will be transformed if there is no prayer and action. Prayer gives the strength for you to act in the mission. Hence, I prayed every night to My Father, to have strength, to carry out My Mission the following day among the poor, among the ill, among the possessed, among the afflicted. Prayer changes all. But if you don’t pray, you will not see the fruits, because prayer is important. If you truly pray with the heart, if you pray without pettiness or selfishness, if you pray according to My Will, if you pray with love, if you love what you pray, you are going to change; your lives will change by the Grace of My Father, and the force of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t stop praying! Don’t stop praising! Pray! Pray always! Pray also so you may comprehend the greatness of My Apostolate and the urgency of My Calls for Love and Conversion! Pray and believe in the faith that you will understand what Our Sacred Hearts want to do in each one of you.

And to you, little prophet, the three thorns, which were given to you mystically, one is to repair the rebelliousness of humanity towards My Father, the second is to repair the hardness of heart of man to listen to Me, the third is for all who reject My Holy Spirit and do not allow Him to act and transform your lives.

You will speak with the force of My Spirit, because conversion is urgent. I bless you all with Love and Mercy; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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