Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - December 22, 2017

Sacred Heart of Jesus
“The Child Jesus brings His Heart exposed.” 

Dear souls to commemorate My Birth in Bethlehem, is to commemorate the day Humility was born. 

God made himself poor; God made himself Human; God made himself Brother; God made himself Creature, just for one reason, LOVE, madness of Love, excess of Love. God made himself Man to reconcile you among each other, and to reconcile yourselves with the Father. 

I was born Human; born Man, but know, dear children that God is the most Human. This generation has lost the humanness; I was Human and was able to see, touch, the misery of the heart. I was able to condole myself with the neighbor; I cried with he who was crying; I accompanied he who was alone; I felt the sorrow of a mother, of a widow, of an orphan. 

I was very Human and you, souls, have lost the humanness. Humanness is to see your neighbor with mercy. Humanness is obtained when humility is practiced. The soul, who begins to love with the heart, is capable of being meek. 

Children the Nativity of Humility came naked, and was laid over some small board in a Cave, and I sacrificed myself dying for you, naked, stripped off from everything, over some boards, also, which were My Cross. 

Why do you search, then, so much, when I only need a Cross to save all of you? Be more humble, be more small, and you will be able to understand Me. Because I am understood, only, by very humble, simple, and small souls! 

I bless you with Merciful Love, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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