Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of the Child Jesus - December 29, 2017

Sacred Heart of JesusWith My tiny, weak, fragile Hands, I join you, and rest in you. Little one, let My People know that I am in search of hearts in which to rest. Little one, many souls always come to look for Me so that I will relief them, so that I will heal them, so that I free them even from the cross itself, which is going to save them.

Few are the souls, who like you, are just willing to give me rest, to give Me water for My thirst, to give me the heart, so it will be My pillow, and to give me their silence so that it may be may refuge.

Indeed, very few souls treat me as their God. It’s true that many speak of God, but who lives in God? Who recognizes God?

Little one, you, also, have a small soul like Mine, and those souls, hence, minimal, who do not exalt themselves, neither in vainglory, or in ire, or in arrogance are the small souls who enter into Heaven, because Heaven’s Door is humility; and the Path to Heaven is love; he who doesn’t live with love, does not live from God.

Little ones, My apostolate is a Work of Love; is an Act of Mercy from My Heart to give an opportunity to humanity to change. I come to look for My Faithful Rest; My Faithful Rest is dispersed. I, with My apostolate, come to gather it, come to form it, come to educate it. Hence, My Spirit speaks in your mouth, and whoever listens to you, hears the Truth, whoever ignores it, ignores My Spirit, which works and acts in those who want, as he wants, and where he wants, because, also, the prophets are members of My Body. How I desire small souls! Because many souls, even when they pray, are searching for themselves, and not God. How I desire souls, who only will give rest to My Heart, living in peace, watching My Face in the souls of those who are around him; knowing that to reach Heaven it is necessary to love those one encounters in the way!

Little one, as all My People to pray for the Love; you have lost the Love; the Love left, they expulsed him, I can give it again, because I am Love. Tell these people to pray asking for Love, Love is absolute, and is everything, and whoever lives in Live, lives in the Truth.

The joy of My Infancy is the joy of the spiritual smallness. The souls in earth live from the Divine Spiritual Infancy so when their hour comes, they will live from the Glory of the Resurrection. Hence, to resurrect with Me, they must be born and be children with Me. Everything is an Order of Love, because Love puts everything in order. O immense madness of Love, which only the souls that comprehend the Cross, understand your Divine Love! My Merciful Blessing; My Tender and Small Blessing; I kept your hearts in the Love; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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