Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - January 26, 2018

Sacred Heart of JesusSouls rescued at the price of Blood. My Precious and Adorable Blood! My little children, I wish with all My Heart that you understand: I did not come just to save you; I did not come to give you some meaningless words, I purchased your souls snatching them from Satan, paying a debt to My Father. I rescued you with My Life, I rescued you with My Blood, I saved your souls by giving My Body to hard nails and to a bloody path towards Calvary.

Is it so difficult for the human being to understand this? Because when man sinned, he separated from the Love of God. Is it so hard, then, to understand the immense pain with which I had rescued you? Your hearts have become so hard that you no longer believe in the Love of God, and since you no longer believe in God's Love, you no longer want to change, to live differently, to bear witness.

Apostles of My Love, can’t you watch an hour with me? Is it very difficult to spend an hour with me? Souls! Is it so complicated to surrender entirely to Me? And if it is not, then why are you always saying "no" to me? Because your minds are hardened is that they are no longer able to think in God.

Children, I want to save you; I wish that My Sacrifice at the Cross for you was not in vain.

I am giving you the Treasures of My Sacred Heart, but as soon as you take them, you throw them into the street to be trodden and stolen. No, my children, keep in your heart every pearl given to you, pearls of My Heart that is the treasure chest of God's Mercy.

Children, watch an hour with Me! It means: give me your time, offer me your heart, grant me a space in your life.

Children, ask the Holy Spirit that you may comprehend the Love of your Jesus. Do not reject My Love, do not reject the Love that will save you.

This is My Call for humanity, he who wants to hear it, come and follow me. I give you My Merciful Blessing. My Heart is agonizing for lack of love, for the love of you men, which I am missing. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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