Call for Love and Conversion from Saint Theresa of Jesus - February 20, 2018

Saint Therese of Jesus Dear souls rescued at the price of Blood by the Good Jesus, today, in obedience to the Divine Will, I wish to deepen more about the First Castle. The First State of the Soul, in its process of holiness, that First State or First Step is the Holy Spirit himself, who illuminates the soul so that the soul will not lose the conscience of sin, and, hence, with the aid of Grace, be able to see all his sins, be able to repent, confess the in the Sacrament of Penitence, and change his life. 

In this First Castle of the Sacred Hearts, the soul is aided by the Spirit of God; meets the Holy Spirit; is illuminated in his walk; recognizes what he has done wrong; recognizes what is bad of his action, what he can repair, because it is not only asking for forgiveness, it is also repairing the damage done. For example, souls, if someone destroys a house and asks pardon to the owner of the house, he hasn’t done anything; instead, if he asks pardon to the owner of the house, but in addition, builds it again to repair the damage he did, then he did all.

Dear children of the Heart of Jesus, it is not only asking for pardon, it is also repairing the bad you have done. And, in this First Castle, the soul aided by the Holy Spirit achieves this. Entering in in this First State, the soul meets with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit becomes his Counselor, his Director, his Guide; and illuminated by the Holy Spirit, begins a new way of grace, of virtue.

Then the First Step for conversion is the illumination of the conscience, through the Spirit of God. So plead to the Divine Spirit to illuminate your minds and your hearts, to be able to change, and you can continue advancing through these Castles of Holiness, which are the Hearts of Jesus and of Mary. I bless you, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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