Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - March 6, 2018

Sacred Heart of Jesus Little son of My Heart, I share with you the sadness of My Heart. My Heart is still sad even unto death in a mysterious way in the hearts that share with me My Sorrow, for the souls who live submerged in sin, in the arrogance of life, in the hardness of heart. 

Many of the ones who also consecrate themselves to My Service sadden My Heart, by giving bad examples and making that many souls, who call themselves Christians do not live the Gospel. 

Dear children, many speak of the Love of God, many say that God is Love, but, why do their acts, more than their words, not show it? 

Dear children, many men have lost the faith, because many souls, who call themselves Christians, do not take My Gospel into practice and cause scandal to the tepid, weak hearts. 

Dear children, your prayers have no reason why have to contradict your actions. Take prayer into practice, and take your actions to the Gospel. 

Soul, little one of My Heart, My Heart is sad even unto death, because those who say they love Me, with the testimony of life show the complete opposite. My Heart hurts so much! The hearts of this generation are hard, do not have a will to change. Arrogance is the sin that controls this humanity. Arrogance, because they do not obey; arrogance, because they do not listen; arrogance, because they do only what the world asks of them, and not what My Gospel and My Calls for Love and Conversion propose to them do.

Dear children, these are My Last Calls for Love and Conversion; there has not been an effusion of Grace so great as the one germinating in this My Spiritual Sanctuary. My Calls for Love and Conversion are the summary of all My Calls to humanity. With My Calls for Love and Conversion, I am summarizing all My Messages of Love, heed and obey them. My Heart is sad, because you have not appreciated the heavenly treasures that have been offered to you. 

With My very sad and Agonizing Heart, I bless you; in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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