Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - March 8, 2018

Sacred Heart of Jesus Little son of My Sacred Heart, My Life was always a permanent sacrifice of expiation, of reparation, and to payoff the debts that humanity incurred with My Eternal Father. I want that all men meditate in the great act of humiliation of God. I was God along with My Father, and through the Holy Spirit, He sends me to humanity; firstly, to the Bosom of the Purest, of the most Beautiful, of the Humblest of the creatures. The Holy Spirit freed My Celestial Mother from original sin so that, through Her, guard Me, and that Scripture would be fulfilled of the Lamb without stain, who would save humanity. 

Do you know what it means that All Powerful God would reduce himself to a Creature? Do you know that many angels in Heaven could not comprehend that God would make himself a Creature? And many angels rebelled because of this will of My Father. It was such an infinite sorrow for Me and for My Father! Go down to the human creature sunk and drowned in sin! Since I was conceived in My Mother, My Agony started, My Sorrow… because in My Mother’s Womb, I detached myself from My Divinity, I detached myself from My Condition to be one as same as you, except in sin, but the same as you!, to be able to repair what you destroy with sin. 

Sin is a movement; is an act that drags others to sin in such way that all humanity is contaminated! because one sin gives origin to another sin. In the Cross I redeemed you but, nevertheless, man, proud as Satan, proud since the beginning, does not want to accept his sin, ask pardon, and return to My Father. 

Humanity! You are just a creature, and you became so proud! And I, whom is God, am the Humblest, Meekest, and Obedient of Heart. 

Humble souls, return to the House of the Father! 

I, Jesus, the Humblest of Heart love you, bless you; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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