Call for Love and Conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus - March 9, 2018

Sacred Heart of Jesus Souls of My Sacred Heart, I need that you understand that in the Eucharist is the full plenitude of My Person as God and Man. The Eucharist is the center of My Redeeming Work. The Eucharist is the plenitude and the perfect fulfillment of My Gospel. The Eucharist is Life itself, and he who doesn’t come close in grace to commune My Body and My Blood dies interiorly. 

Those who do not nourish themselves from My Body and My Blood do not have strength, are confused; their lives do not have meaning; their hearts are broken. Those who really nourish themselves from My Body and My Blood have strength to continue carrying with the cross; have strength to give all for the Love of God; have strength to reach Calvary and resurrect with Me. 

Dear children, the Holy Eucharist does not remove the cross, the cross is necessary; the cross is important. The cross is the Eucharistic sacrificial altar by excellence! 

My Body and My Blood give you strength to carry the cross, gives you wisdom so you can comprehend the cross; gives you patience and perseverance so you will not throw the cross. 

The union that exists between the Cross and the Eucharist is so infinite! Is an indissoluble and fathomless union, the Cross and the Holy Host! From the Cross is born My Body surrendered for you, from the Cross has gushed forth My Water and My Blood of Mercy, from the Cross I was able to obtain the Redemption for all of you, whom I love immensely. 

My souls, the Cross and the Eucharist are perpetually united now in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Love the Cross so you can love me in the Eucharist! Love Me present in the Eucharist so that you can love the Cross! 

My Heart crucified in the Altar of the Cross, also, asks you to pray for the great miracle of the priests! Pray for the priests, sacrifice yourselves for My ministers! Also, remember the priest is a great miracle. 

My Sacred Heart of Victim and Priest in the Altar of the Cross blesses you with Infinite Love; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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