Call for Love and Conversion from Saint Theresa of Jesus - March 20, 2018

Saint Therese of Jesus The instrument: Saint Theresa of Jesus has come with Saint Catherine of Siena. 

Saint Theresa says: Dear brothers and sisters, in the First Castle, where the soul begins the way of holiness, it is important to meditate, with the aid of the Divine Spirit, on the Sorrowful Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ; hence, Our Lady, Our Heavenly Mother, in her true Manifestations, invites humanity to meditate and think more in the Sorrowful Passion of Jesus; because it is the invitation to repentance, and because in this First Spiritual Step, the soul, illuminated by the Spirit of God, ponders in the Suffering of Jesus, recognizes that Jesus suffered for his sins. 

In this First Castle pain exists; the soul looks at the state it is, and in each one of its sins; recognizes all the rejection to the Love of God, and that moves the soul to repent for having said ‘no’ to the Father’s Love. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to touch your heart! Humble yourself deeply! Each one of your sins are the ‘no’ to the Love of God; your sins are the rejection to the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. 

Pray, pray in silence; pray and think in all that Jesus has suffered for you. He humbled Himself until death, to save you. Be humble, soul! Jesus has given you all, and you are petty to give Him anything. Jesus did not consider if you were going to be grateful for the Redemption. And you, soul, if God doesn’t grant what you asked for, you are resentful of Him. Recognize your ungratefulness; recognize your rebelliousness with God; ask for pardon, so that you can start your way towards the Father. 

I, Saint Theresa of Jesus, united to Saint Catherine of Siena intercede for you, so you may be able to comprehend the Immense Love, which you have rejected, and that you can repent; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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