Call for Love and Conversion from Saint Theresa of Jesus - March 5, 2018

Saint Therese of Jesus Dear souls rescued by the Immense Love of Jesus, through Sacrifice and by the Cross, the Divine Will has desired to manifest himself through the United Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, united to the Heart of the Chaste and Beloved Saint Joseph. 

All Our Calls for Love and Conversion are the deep desires of Heaven, for all the men on earth. Because the Heart of the Son has been fully opened, so that His heart be loved, known, adored. His Heart is the very Source of this Work of the Last Times. 

It is true that the Calls are private revelations, but they are at the service to clarify, to underline, to explain, and to call all the hearts to return to the Word of God. The Calls for Love and Conversion only desire that humanity returns to the Word of God and the Holy Gospel. Hence, our revelations in this spiritual sanctuary for the Apostles of the Last Times are very important revelations that must be taken with the heart; because as you listen, that you obey, heed the Calls for Love and Conversion, you will be getting closer to the Heart of Jesus through the Sacraments, through prayer, through fasting. 

Dear brothers and sisters, the First Castle to enter up to the Heart of Jesus is the Holy Spirit, who makes known the Full Truth, who guides, and who is the Advocate of your souls, the Counselor of believers, Light of those who pray. The first action that the Holy Spirit provokes in the soul, who allows itself to be found by Him, is conversion. Conversion and the deep sorrow of having offended God is the first step to return to the Heart of Jesus. 

I pray for all of you; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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