Because in the world there is neither wisdom nor knowledge of God, and men perish for lack of knowledge, they cannot discern right from wrong because they seek to reassert their own truth, deliberately running away from the truth of God's Word, because it commits them. The messages in the Apostolate of the Sacred United Hearts of Jesus and Mary are intended to warn man of the grave dangers that lurk, so he will convert and live, not to satisfy his curiosity, rather, primarily, to seek the threshold of reconciliation, showing the Love of God, hence the reception of the Divine Mercy.

The revelations received by Manuel de Jesus are at the service of Public Disclosure; therefore, the messages do not add, remove or correct, but emphasize, clarify and illuminate Divine Revelation, which has been already publicly proclaimed.

The Calls of Love and Conversion are like a knocker, calling at the doors of slumbering consciences. They are like trumpets that clamor in the desert and remind hardened hearts that contempt of Sacred Tradition and ignoring Holy Scripture, caused by tepidity, indifference and opposition to God, brings great evils. The heart of man is atrophied and an abyss separates him from his Creator, and this gap widens increasingly because man rejects his God and does not love him. Hence, humanity is living unimaginable convulsions.

To all who rely on fancy human forecasts and expect that the present chaotic situation in which we move returns by itself to reasonable channels, or that a New World Order will find the way out of the apocalyptic maze in which we are already, have their reasoning fogged and are puffed up with pride, because they do not aspire to the things of Heaven, and therefore, they leave aside what can straighten them from the tortuous path where they walk. The world is beyond any human solution, it needs Divine intervention, and the messages revealed to this little instrument, Manuel de Jesus, which God uses, bring hope to godly people and lovers of the Lord, perplexed by the agony of a Mystical Body, the Church, and troubled by wolves dressed as sheep, since the Calls for Love and Conversion announce a New Pentecost, which will release the Remnant Faithful from the oppression of the Great Babylon, and grant the gift of a New Jerusalem; and like a minstrel who sings the instrument Maranatha raised up by God, prepares the ways of the Lord, hence the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the advent of the Reign of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.
Fulfilling Heaven’s order, Manuel de Jesus speaks of prayer, sacrifice, and penance; the main recipients of the Calls of Love and Conversion are the people who fulfills the Will of God, are faithful to the Pope, adore the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, and are devoted to the Virgin Mary; even though the Calls are also a Requiem for idolaters and apostates, who do not change their misconduct or turn their eyes to God unrepentant by the announcement of the Dies Irae.

While the messages contained in the Apostolate of the Sacred United Hearts of Jesus and Mary make reference to possible future events, these are not announced to arouse curiosity but to penetrate the urgency of collaborating with God in his saving plan; not surprisingly, the Calls of Love and Conversion are the last peal of the messages given by Heaven in La Salette, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita, Cuapa, Civitavecchia, etc., recruiting the apostles of the last times for the final battle of the Woman clothed with the Sun against the Great Dragon. As spiritual director of Manuel de Jesus, I state that the Calls of Love and Conversion are attune with the Revealed Doctrine and coincide with the interpretation that the living magisterium of the Catholic Church makes of this doctrine. Blessed Paul VI approved a decree of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (AAS, 58, No. 16, of 12/29/1966), approving the publication of writings of this kind do not contradict or endanger the Faith and the Dogma of the Holy Mother Catholic Church, to which we willingly surrender ourselves.

Pablo Garcia P. Beck

Valencia, Spain July 12, 2016
Twenty-second anniversary of the birth of Manuel de Jesus

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